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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 15, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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a high risk threat. doug mcelway is here with what we know. they were released after 12 years in prison four to imam the 5th to astonia. it took this long to find countries willing to take them in. all five were captured in pakistan and all known to have histories of fighting with al qaeda in afghanistan. one had a personal relationship with osama bin laden. the announcement of relief meeting with anger from many republicans from capitol hill. >> the president of the united states concluded that the car on terror has reached a point that we can safely release people from gitmo. the best i can say about him is he is unfocused. that is delusional thinking. it is insane to be letting these people out of gitmo to go back to the fight.
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>> republican senators limit transferring suspects out of guantanamo bay after the terrorist attacks. the bill who reveal current law that allows them to foreign con dres and moratorium for them to yemen for at least two years. 54 percent of americans think the president is exceeding his authority by transferring people out of gitmo. >> thank you, doug. we are going to keep talking about this about gitmo. what should happen to the prisoners there. log on to "fox and friends first facebook page for a live debate #keep talking. to another fox news alert, a terror attack narrowly averted. taking down an isis sympathizer as he was in the final steps of his plan. anna kooiman has the latest on this home grown terrorist scare.
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>> good morning heather. good morning to everyone. it is the latest instance of terror growing right within our borders. 20-year-old christopher lee cornell hoped to set up pipe p bombs and shoot any members of congress congress it is considered the lawmaker's enemies. after being informed he was supporting violent ji hadz on twitter. cornell saying i believe we should just waste jihad under our own orders and plan attacks. at one point he eluded to the radical dead cleric anwar awlaki saying he gave us a thumbs up. from there a major operation was put into place. fighting the capital attack with fbi informant researching the construction of pipe bombs the fbi making its move outside of the store in ohio. cornell arrested after buying
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two assault rifles and 600 rounds of ammo. he planned to head to washington shortly after. cornell's father is shocked. >> he might be 20 but he looked more like a 16-year-old kid barely left the video game may have lost his way somewhere in there. i believe he was really vulnerable and i believe he was coerced in a lot of wayses. >> his charges include the attempted killing of a u.s. government official. >> anna kooiman live for us in the studio. >> surveillance video emerges from the u.s. terror attack at a kosher supermarket. you can see him with his hostages and terrified shoppers huddled together near the checkout. coulibaly killed three people before fighting with police.
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>> a major shake-up at the secret service. four of the highest ranking executives demoted and reassigned following a public series of mishaps. they tried to fix the department that had been starved for leadership. these reassignments are the biggest changes since secret service director julia pearson was forced to resign after a texas man hopped the white house fence ran deep into the white house with a knife. >> they are combing the scene of a prison bus site. it killed at least 10 people. icy roads could be to blame. the rest are in critical or serious condition. an out of control car slams into macy's store. four people were hurt before the car came to a stop. police think a 63-year-old
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driver had some sort of a medical emergency before crashing into the store just outside of san francisco. one person is in critical condition two others witnessed the crash were also treated for shock. >> the chamber voting to over turn part of the policies. some chris ticks say that wasn't the right move including carlos car bello. he voted against his party saying republicans can't be defined by what the president does. >> we have to stop start leading. we have to take control over the immigration laws and put the authority back for u.s. congress. we should overall the nation's immigration policy. we want immigration reform that
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includes securing the border modernizing our visa system and finding a solution for the population. those that break the laws have consequences. we have to be focused on our agenda advancing our solutions not just reacting to they having president does. we cannot be defined by the president. >> we have a flurry of updates for you. hillary clinton wants to avoid a repeat of the failed 2008 presidential bid. the former secretary of state now recruiting long time aids from president obama's successful run for the white house. the rnc has officially set a date for its big party. the republican party national convention will kickoff july 18th, 2016, in cleveland. that's a full month earlier than the 2012 convention.
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the july date is aimed at giving the gop more time to rool lee after what is likely to be an intense primary season. >> pope frances landing in the philippines minutes ago. we have a live look from manila. millions cheering, worshippers are hoping to get a glance at the pontiff. they will spend five days in the country leading with survives affected by the 2013 super typhoon that left thousands of people dead. it is the first papal visit to the philippines for 20-years. it is one of the largest catholic nations. >> the african villager depicted in the movie "loan survivor" who risked his life to save marcus cattrall. he has been getting death threats ever since the movie. he now seeks refugee status which is the first step toward being granted asylum here.
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>> history made. two americans, he is the first to complete the most difficult rock climb. >> we are live in the studio with more of the adventure. >> an emotional historic moment after they embraced in a hug successfully reaching the top of the yosemite rock formation known as el capitan. caldwell was the first to finish jorge enson catching up a few minutes later. they started the gruelling half mile using only their hands and feet and a lot of determination. it's a feat many adventurers considered impossible. free climbers don't use climbing equipment to pull themselves up. instead they wefrn their fingers and feet in tiny crevices.
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they have been training for the last five years. >> to kree climb think level no one has done it. he's writing a chapter in his own book. >> they suffered several injuries over the past two weeks especially to their fingers and hands. so bad they had to take full days to rest and heal but they didn't give up. they reached the top with unhads of supporters gathered below. >> it is a challenge. it's an accomplishment. it is the dream. >> the two won't be getting a lot of rest. i don't know how in the world they did that. >> maria molina tracking a bit of a warm-up.
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>> we are going to be looking at much warmer temperatures pretty much through most of the country as we head into the weekend. they are lingering across parts of the midwest and into the northeast. we are looking at current windchill temperatures and places like chicago and buffalo. bundle up. today it will be better. 30d in new york city and chicago. across portions of the southern plains. 50's come this afternoon and by sunday even warmer out there. we are going to be making it into the 60's across parts of the plains and new york city and boston. 37 degrees for the high temperature sunday. not bad. we are tracking areas of heavy rain across parts of the gulf coast through out the day today. a new storm system moves into the pacific northwest with heavy rain and also ice and snow. >> duke university is under fire
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for the decision to sound the muslim prayer for all to hear. is it unfair to all religions? we report, you decide. a major recall to crib mattresses. those details next. >> a cold case could be cracked it is all because of facebook and the grateful dead. you get sick you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly... you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone so you can breathe and sleep shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. is your high-performance laptop your office bff? then you might be gearcentric. right now, all pc's are on sale, like this hp 15" laptop now only $249.99. office depot & officemax. gear up for great.
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>> welcome to "fox & friends first". if you are just tuning in we have all of the headlines for you. this story a cold case might
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soon be solved thanks to the internet and the grateful dead. >> a facebook page called grateful doe is dedicated to an unidentified man who is killed in a 95 car crash after going to a grateful dead concert. the story catching the attention of a woman in south carolina. thinks grateful doe might be her son. he went to follow the band and never came home. >> two university of virginia patternity say no to new rules. the grat refusing to ion the university new requirement for parties arguing they are all based on a lie. that is in riches to a story published in a magazine saying a
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frat raped her. frats have until tomorrow to sign the rules. thank you ainsley. it is time now to brew on this. to another university a controversy brewing at duke university. the historic christian chapel on campus will now broadcast the muslim prayer p chant each week from the iconic bell tower through amplifiers starting friday. this comes right after the university just kicked chik-fil-a off campus over its traditional marriage views and canceled a pro-life event leaving critics to say the religions are not seeing the same fair treatment. do you think it religious is accommodation necessary or unfair to nonmuslim students? >> a new warning for parents
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this morning nearly 100,000 crib mattresses are recalled. parents listen up if you bought a vista mattress on-line or in store it may be recalled. the company is calling back almost 170,000 of them. babies can get trapped in the gap between the mattress and the crib. two reports of this happening fortunately in both instances the babies were unharmed. what you should do is check the gap between it and the crib. make sure it is no wider than the width of two fingers. if it is return it immediately to ikea. >> samsung was looking to buy canada's blackberry for as much as 7 and a half billion dollars. samsung wanted access to blackberry's patent portfolio. both companies denied this
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report. blackberry stock gained 30 percent yesterday. rumors can move a market. we have the latest rankings of u.s. airlines. the milled seat says alaska and virgin america came out on top. alaska invested in satellite technology that helped fly in bad weather and fog. it guarantees you can get your bag to the carousel in less than 20 minutes. virgin america give workers bonuses. ranking last year the big guys. we are hoping for a better day. i have to say looks like we are not going to get one. futures down. it could be the 59 down day in a row. don't miss loren on the fox business network to find it in your area log on to finder. >> it is 18 minutes after the hour. the terrifying call you never want to get. >> he says look we are going to
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kill him if you don't wire this money. >> the virtual scam tricking hundreds of people into paying ransom. >> the stars of american sniper they open up about their emotional roles. >> i love it but it is very different. >> behind the scenes with sienna miller and brad de cooper. that's up next. from ush flush
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>> a navy seal with the most confirmed hits in u.s.-- confirmed kills. it opens up nationwide to find the life of chris kyle. let's step into the fox light. we got to sit down with this fast and kyle's widow as well.
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let's talk about this. >> i did. the american sniper is so much more than a war movie. it's about love humanity struggled so much in the military. chris kyle's story is being told from the other side. he went to war to protect the good guys but came back the moat lethal sniper in american history. his story made for hollywood. >> it was a wonderful privilege and honor and i found tremendously gratifying. i loved it. but it is very different because it is a huge responsibility. >> brad de cooper stars as the sniper. but this movie is so much more about war it is about love and strength. >> the thing we try to focus on in this movie is the relationship between the two how not only the servicemen and women serving and going through this pretty trying dilemma.
2:24 am
>> she said most playing the real person made the role an intimidating one. you feel for the people at home trying to hold it together. >> she opened up her life to us. she gave us all of the e mae-mails which was invaluable. >> the family man who happened to be in the military's most lethal sniper. >> one of the things i take from it and i -- or i took from chris's life and public life was how beautiful a thing it is to just be who you are with allful your flaws and all of your
2:25 am
successes and let people judge you or do whatever they want to do but just be you. it works out. >> sadly hollywood could not predict the ending. three years after leaving the ending he was trying to help a man with ptsd is charged with murdering him. >> ainsley oscar nominations are this morning at 8:30 a.m. eastern. there's some buzz american sniper after being snubbed at the golden globes. check out fox business network this weekend. as always you can follow me on twitter. >> excellent job michael. you have to see this movie guys. >> one of the best movies i have seen in a very long time. >> over to you. >> i i have not seen it but i am going to see it as soon as possible. >> the time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up it is president best-- it
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>> fox news lart. ap isis inspired plot to blow up the capitol. a man from the midwest accused of this deadly plan. how authorities called it right before he struck. >> the war on terror. five more prisoners held in gitmo for a dozen years are out. their terror ties and where they are headed.
2:30 am
>> the secret that amazon doesn't want you to hear today. how the on-line retailer is tricking you into thinking you are paying less. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> lights still shining in the streets of new york city. it is mourning. thank you for joining us here on "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> good morning. 5:30 on the east coast. breaking overnight the white house de letting 5 detainees go. arrested and suspected of fighting with al qaeda. >> one of them had a relationship with osama bin laden. >> we have more on what we need
2:31 am
to know about these detainees. good morning, doug. >> the administration has been trying for years and years to close guantanamo bay. finding countries that are willing to take these guys. in these cases astonia and ammon stepped forward. the potential for recidivism among those released from gitmo. >> 30 percent of the people released already have gone back to the fight. i believe the war hit a point where we need to keep these guys in jail at least for a couple years we can get a grip on what's going on through out the world particularly in iraq and syria. >> politically this is a tough thing to full off. it shows more than half of the registered voters think president obama is over stepping his bounds on this. the administration is trying to get the number of guantanamo detainees down to a number where
2:32 am
they can simply close the facility completely. that haefrns been an administration goal. >> we know your last name. luzader. mcelway we said. several dougs on fox. >> let's keep talking about gitmo. what should happen to the prisoners there. log on to "fox & friends first" our facebook show live for a debate that's #keep talking. >> to another fox business aalert. a man behind bars for allegedly planning a grizzly attack on the capitol. >> christopher lee cornell was reportedly in the final steps of a devastating terror attack he planned for months. the 20-year-old hoped to set off explosions on capitol hill and shoot any members of congress fleeing the chaos. the ohio man considered the
2:33 am
lawmakers enemies. they were tipped off to his desire to create a group aligned with isis. cornell allegedly telling an fbi informant quote i believe that we should just wage jihad under our own orders and plan attacks. the informant then met with cornell multiple times until he hatched the plan to attack capitol hill. the 20-year-old mapping out government buildings and be learning to build pipe bombs. taking the quote final steps to travel to washington fbi agents tackled cornell outside of this ohio gun shop. he had just purchased two assault rifles and 600 rounds of ammo. cornell's parents say there is no way their son would carry such an attack. >> he was a good kid. he would do anything in the world for you. he would not hurt nobody. >> he may have lost his way somewhere in there but i believe he was really vulnerable and i
2:34 am
believe he was coerced in a lot of ways. >> how does that happen. cornell is charged with attempting to kill u.s. government official. >> anna kooiman live for us. a shocking new report reveals terror strikes against isis and syria are not working. the terror network gaining ground since the campaign began in august. nearly 800 strikes have been carried out now one-third of the country is under isis control. right here on "fox & friends" they have said from the beginning strikes would not work. >> we are in the irritate phase right now. these are pinprick ares. this is all they are doing is immunizing the isis forces where we could be destroying them. >> the pentagon says despite gaining ground the air strikes stopped the terror network's momentum. >> as news emerges of the president's failed strategies in syria brand new fox polls reveal americans reveal the terror threat is increasing.
2:35 am
>> after president obama is prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat islamic extremists 55 percent say no and 56 percent of registered voters do not approve of the president's handling of isis. >> new surveillance video surfaces of the terror during that deadly paris market attack. this as the manhunt for suspects heats up. greg palkot is live for us with the latest today. good morning, greg. >> heather, it is nearly a week since the brutal shootout at the kosher supermarket on the eastern side of paris. you can see the bullet holes in the doors and you can see the flowers laying in front of here. there is a lot of emotion and a lot of grief as we see for the first time new images of the drama inside. we see the surveillance camera videos showing rab ban any the gun koub balil coulibaly you see images
2:36 am
of him directing the hostages to disable the cameras a smart thing on his part but the police were following the raid all along his path of death and destruction. meanwhile an investigation into the attack continues. it turns out in addition to the partner we have been talking about coulibaly might have had a crime acommon police. the fears are he left the country as well. >> more information about the other attacks the charlie hebdo killing turns out perhaps cherif kouachi was the one who went to yemen in 2011 got money from al qaeda there might have even met with anwar al-awlaki the head of that chapter reported yesterday al qaeda al qaeda is claiming responsibility for it. this adds another million copies is out on the stands of paris. reported selling out very fast yesterday. 5 million are expected to come
2:37 am
out. this, too, ainsley as we learn just a couple blocks from where we are very famous cemetery there will be a burial of one of the charlie hebdo cartoonists as you watch the people here gathering and expressing their grief and their emotions here. again nearly a week after this horrible, horrible attack. back to you. >> thank you so much. house republicans firing the first shot against president obama's immigration policy. the house voting to block funding to executive orders? a loyallowing amnesty and other benefits with illegal immigrants with another spending bill. democrats calling this a vendetta against the congressman. >> this is not a fight between republicans and democrats. it is not even a fight over immigration reform. this is a fight over whether this branch of government will ever find the courage to stand up for itself, the same document that this and all presidents
2:38 am
swears to defend and give this body certain tools, tools like the power of the purse. it is about damn time we use that tool. >> the bill also speeds up deportation and promotes hiring of u.s. citizens over illegal immigrants. the vote sets up a senate show down on the bill. the president says he will veto if it makes it to his desk in this form. >> while you were sleeping a wild police chase through north hollywood. police try to pull over a suspected drunk driver when he took off along highway 170. there were at least five people in that car. police pulling off the successful pittman you've cause-- pit maneuver. three people were arrested no word yet on charges. >> image getting this terrifying phone call. >> he said look we are going to kill him if you don't, you know wire this money. >> the fbi warning americans to
2:39 am
be on the lookout for a virtual kidnapping scam. con artists calling people at random claiming they have kidnapped their loved ones but it is all a hoax. the callers often have someone screaming in the background and threatening to you are the had them unless a ransom is paid. in many cases the scammers claim to be members of a drug cartel and order their victims to wire money between 600 and $1,900 to a third party in puerto rico. he survived the unthinkable. now the 4 had-year-old boy who fell off a 230-foot cliff is meeting the men who saved him. sebastian johnson still weak from a head injury and broken bones hugged the first responders who thought he may not survive. >> no doult they were very happy he was able to survive. the boy should be released from the hospital soon. sorry about that. we thought we had sound of that. >> people on the east coast can
2:40 am
shed a layer today. >> a warm-up is on the way. we are excited about that. maria molina is tracking it all for us. >> we are expecting a warm-up. don't get too excited. doesn't look like it will be sticking around for very much longer after the weekend. current windchills are cold for some of you as well. we are looking at windchills well below zero across parts of northern new england. in chicago feels like the single digits. you have to bundle up in areas as you head out the door. the high temperatures are much better than what they have been recently. 30's in minneapolis. 40's in kansas city and across parts of the southeast are close to 50 over in the city of raleigh. sunday even warmer out there. upper 40's for you in the city of boston. you should be in the 50's in kansas city. look at these numbers these are 60's out there across parts of oklahoma and also into texas. today we do have the chance for areas of heavy rain across parts of the gulf coast. watch out out there. in the pacific northwest another
2:41 am
stronger storm system moving in with areas of heavy rain and higher elevation snowfall today and also into tomorrow. heather and ainsley let's head over to you. >> thank you maria. >> it is 20 minutes from the top of the hour. choosing to charge you more. the secrets behind am sglos answer -- amazon's pricing and why you might be fooled. >> set oh star in the mo of sri about the attack on our consulate. my name is karen and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's progressive pain. first that feeling of numbness. then hot pins. almost like lightning bolts, hot strikes into my feet. so my doctor prescribed lyrica. the pain has been reduced and i feel better than i did before. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or, swelling trouble breathing,
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>> we are back as we always are right here on "fox & friends first" every morning at 5:00 a.m. we appreciate you joining us. >> getting up earlier helps you age less maybe. new age to stop moving because
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blood tests they started inside tracker. it takes a blood test result and translates the results into the behaviors that are aging you faster than you should. once you get the air age the program gives you things to do to retake the years that you are losing. the cost for the blood test and the results start at $100. if you want your child to make memories give them naps. they are more likely to remember an activity if they take naps. they show them how to take off the mittens. those who napped could take off the mittens. >> harry reid has not been seen since the start of the new season all because of a workout accident. reed is expected back to work sometime next week. the injury happening when an
2:46 am
exercise band snapped when it worked outside of the home on new year's day. >> it may be costing you more. ashley webster from our sister network is here to explain all of this. >> very interesting. good morning ainsley. a study by boomerang reveals there is more to amazon's pricing than you think. it is all about perception. it identifies the most popular products on the site and consistently prices them under the competition. amazon test over the six months leading up to black friday. then they dropped this well below the prices. when it comes to hd cables where they buy the tv they pushed up the price by 33 percent.
2:47 am
one of the wi-fi routers on the site. when it came to a much more popular it went almost 30 percent higher than wal-mart did. it shows it may not be the lower price of a particular prices but it leads customers to believe amazon has the best prices overall. it is a model that other e-commerce are looking at closely. it certainly seems to be working for amazon. ainsley, back to you. all right thank you, ashley. don't miss ashley on the fox business network. to find it log on to finder. the time now is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. almost 10 minutes. the hour hollywood drama -- i am not sure what that says. >> after the hour hollywood drama. >> a hollywood drama getting way
2:48 am
too real. >> you pay 22,000 i am going to quit my job right now. >> why the fbi is reinvest gating the wolf on wall street. >> it is a gator raid. we are not talking about the sports drink. what it cost that giant guy. >> our own wrangler steve doocy is here to talk about what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning. yes, gator raid. it is 12 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up former new york city mayor ruledy giuliani on the race for 2016. there's lots going on there. the muslim call to prayer will be heard every friday at duke university. hmmm. where are why are they doing that and not giving the same courtesy to christians. we will weigh in on that. super bowl ads on puppies.
2:49 am
why do they love them so much? i am not kidding it is fascinating. we have a busy 3 hours. kicking off 11 minutes from now. you are watching the fox news team.
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connecticut is starting to feel more like california. the state is being hit with its 11th earthquake in the past week, two hitting yesterday. all of these earthquakes centering in the eastern part of the state. the strongest magnitude 3.3, hitting monday. scientists think a 300-year-old fault line could be to blame. an alligator seized by animal control after it was found living in los angeles in a neighborhood. brenda barnett says the 36-year-old jackson a female has been living with
2:53 am
her since she hatched and is completely docile. animal control checked the property on monday and found jackson was with two cat carcasses nearby so no telling what happened there. madison says their family feeds the ferrell cats but jackson only eats hot dogs and chicken. an actor in the wolf on wall street in the center of real life drama. >> show me a paycheck and i'll work for you p >> what's up? listen, i quit. the f.b.i. investigating danny and his medical supplies company the company accused of tricking senior citizens into buying medical supplies they don't need and then billing medicare. he spent three years behind bars in thehe 1990's for
2:54 am
securities fraud. variety reporting be an actor is in talks to join the thriller for john krasinsky. the typeo that has the sheriffs department doing a major about-face. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today, president obama keeping good on his promise to release more gitmo detainees, freeing five more overnight. all five arrested while fighting with al qaeda. a 20-year-old ohio man is behind bars for allegedly plotting an attack on the capitol. the f.b.i. saying christopher lee cornell planned to use pipe bombs to blow up washington. two americans making history, becoming the first to successfully free climb a yosemite rock formation. they are holding a press conference today at 11:00 a.m. pacific time. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a philadelphia cab driver getting the tip of a lifetime. a mystery rider leaves $989 on a trip that lasted two minutes. the fare was $4.31.
2:59 am
the bad. being cold is actually contagious. scientists took 36 volunteers and saw their body temperatures sank after watching videos of people putting their hands in chilly water. the ugly. in dog we trust. a florida rug company in the dog house this morning after accidentally printing that tie pope on the rug for the sherrifs -- printing that typo on the rug for the sherrif's office. it should have said in god we trust. >> time for your brew on this responses. starting tomorrow the historic christian chapel on duke university campus will broadcast the muslim call to prayer. some say the university is not showing the same respect for other religions. >> is this religious accommodation necessary? douglas says i'm christian and i'm offended. what about the rights of christians? spoil --
3:00 am
>> del says we are voluntarily losing our culture. thanks to everyone who responded. >> see you tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. . good morning. it is thursday, january 15. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. while you were sleeping, president obama released five more gitmo detainees. and we just read their files. you are going to be shocked at what we just learned. >> as long as they're not from yemen it won't be a problem. >> his dad calls him a mama's boy but the feds say he is a traitor and terrorist. the 20-year-old ohio man armed and ready to attack our nation's capitol for isis. he's been busted. >> guns are good enough for millions. he makes off with them in movies but when it comes to real life he's slamming them and the u.s.


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